Grand Canyon - calming guided meditation

Portal of joy

This calming guided meditation is called Portal of Joy because it helps you go within yourself to find that place of deep inner peace that does not depend on external conditions. Try this to set your vibration for the day or to find comfort during times of stress or frustration. This is one of my […]

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3-minute journey into self sound meditation

This track begins with a series of bowl sounds. The harmonies represent your highest potential. Then there is a long tone that represents a transition to the deeper layers of your human self, your persona. These layers are represented by two gongs, the second one being the layer of your human self that contains your […]

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Calming Sounds for Short Meditations

Here are several tracks created with Tibetan bowls, gongs, a tingsha, and a rainstick. Recorded in Seattle, May 2019. For best results, listen with good headphones or a good pair of speakers.

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The Space inside

The main inspiration for this website came from Verse 11 of the Tao Te Ching, written approximately 2500 years ago by Lao-tzu.

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midi keyboard with drum pad

Composing Electronic Music

Introduction You may have noticed some music tracks on this website. The genre is known simply as electronic music and it can be a beautiful platform for composing and improvising on a computer with special software and a MIDI keyboard. These music tracks available for free download. I originally composed 18 tracks under my “band […]

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A Place To Be Inspired

There are lots of pictures from Arizona on this site. That’s because when I visited Arizona recently I was in awe of the desert and so many interesting sites to photograph. It is truly inspiring. This shot of the Grand Canyon caught my attention because of the little twisted tree hanging on to the edge.

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A New Store

Welcome to my new store, where you can download inspirational content to hang on your wall or decorate your phone. You can listen to music and download a track if you like it. Eventually I might actually sell stuff, but for now I just want to have fun offering posters, notecards and music tracks. The […]

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