What Is This Site About?

This is a website about inspiration and creativity. However I’m getting around to it in a rather abstract way. You may remember the old line Jerry Seinfeld would say about his television show… It’s a show about nothing. Well, this is a site about nothing. Literally, nothing. As in “no thing.”

So why would I create a site about nothing and call it inspiration and creativity? For starters I find that I am most inspired by empty spaces. Empty spaces feel like potential waiting to be tapped. When I’m coming from a good yoga class I feel spacious inside. I associate a good physical feeling with lightness and openness. Most importantly, when my mind is open and receptive to creative inspiration it feels, in a way, empty. As in empty and waiting to be filled with whatever muse wants to come in.

This kind of emptiness is not a barren or lonely feeling. It’s a feeling of energy waiting to be tapped. It’s creativity waiting for an outlet. Life always seems to provide the right sort of event that kicks the creativity into high gear and suddenly that empty space is filled with something that comes out in pictures or music or writing or dancing or some other expression.

This web site is in its infant stages. It will grow as I add more content to develop this idea of inspiration and potential and creativity. Meanwhile here are some thoughts that help me communicate the idea of the empty cup…

What is a cup? Nothing.
The potential of a cup is the space inside.
The potential of a room is the area created by walls.
The potential of a mind is the readiness created by letting go.
If memories limit the mind, let them go.
If beliefs trap the mind, give them up.
Create space for growth by letting go of what is not needed.
Spirit will fill the void with what is needed.